Keio University is committed to excellence and innovation in education, research and medicine. The features offer an in-depth look at some of the latest discoveries and adventures pursued by researchers at Keio University that contribute to its ‘spirit of science’.

Diamond — the industrial scientist’s best friend

24 April 2018

From sensitive sensors to carbon dioxide recycling, diamond with a smattering of boron atoms has a diverse range of applications

Smart paper gives low-cost diagnostics in living color

22 March 2018

Inkjet printing technology transforms ordinary filter paper into devices that can spot kidney disease or contaminated water

Frontiers of haptics science: Uncovering the secrets of the human body’s perception of touch

28 February 2018

Insights into human touch and body perception and their utilization for positive psychological and cognitive effects in our daily lives

Politics of populism behind Putin’s 2016 victory

28 February 2018

Keio analyst Atsushi Ogushi argues that rising populism contributed to Putin’s definitive result in the 2016 Russian Duma election

Tracing the origins of the Japanese with 3D technology

31 January 2018

By using computed tomography to analyze hominin bones, researchers at Keio are revealing the history of Japan’s first inhabitants

Health economics offers unique insights into modern Japanese society

30 November 2017

Fusing expertise in medicine and health economics sheds new light on healthcare and gambling in Japan

Robotic arms with a human-like sense of touch

30 November 2017

Birth of innovative touch sensitive avatar robotic arm based on real-haptics

Future tech will read everything in your eyes

29 June 2017

Researchers are creating smart eyewear that will measure your reading habits and will even tell you how much you understood

Space technology for a world of problems

25 May 2017

The benefits of satellites are far-reaching and versatile. They can improve productivity on farms, locate people stranded in disaster zones, and even track sports performance

Western roots in Japanese manga

27 October 2016

Delving into Japanese subcultures reveals surprising literary links with works of Western literature

Mind over machine

27 October 2016

Chronic stroke sufferers boost the brain’s ability to heal itself through brain–machine interfaces

Preserving more than words

23 June 2016

A vast collection of rare books at Keio University is attracting worldwide interest through a new online course

Measuring the tremors of an earthquake-savvy public

26 May 2016

Understanding how people perceive risk during natural disasters could save lives

Motion sensors for sporting excellence

21 January 2016

Lightweight smartphone sensors and Newton’s laws of motion can help athletes maximize their performance

Leading the race against dementia

29 October 2015

Exercise may hold the key to reducing cognitive decline in aging populations

Anti-inflammatory interactions in the intestines

10 September 2015

The influence of intestinal bacteria on gene expression in immune cells could be the key to treating inflammatory bowel disease

Finding where mind, brain, and body meet

6 August 2015

Emotions arise in brain regions that link the triad of mind, body and brain

Learning from master farmers

9 July 2015

Keio researchers are applying information technology to capture and spread the agricultural wisdom of Japan’s aging farmers

Hair follicles recruit immune cells

6 March 2015

Combing the epidermis for clues, Keio researchers found that hair follicles are critical gateways in the fight against infection

Buying time for stroke therapy

6 March 2015

Research on the role of brain inflammation induced by stroke spurs work on therapeutic targets

­Lawyers in space

6 March 2015

A new legal field has sprung up to regulate humanity’s ever-growing activities in outer space

Breaking the silence

6 March 2015

Keio researchers reveal a regulatory pathway for RNA molecules that silence genes in reproductive cells

Reframing the language of dementia

6 March 2015

A structured approach to language shows promise for improving the lives of dementia patients and their families

Faster, higher and more technological

6 March 2015

Japanese researchers are engineering the technology and rules of superhuman sports, just in time for the Tokyo Olympics

Transgenic model primates

6 March 2015

Marmosets that express introduced genes and pass them on to their offspring are invaluable for understanding, and potentially treating, human disorders

Distinguishing good angiogenesis from bad

6 March 2015

Keio scientists discover a possible target for controlling pathological growth of new blood vessels without hindering healthy processes