Research highlights

Brain regions controlling emotion pass from mothers to daughters

Women are more likely to inherit brain structures linked to depression from their mothers than their fathers

Beta-blockers not better for heart surgery patients

Japan-wide study shows a widely used heart drug does not improve bypass results 

Sealing the deal on leak-proof cells

Scientists discover the unusual geometry that holds mammalian skin together, even while shedding

Making light of a dark matter

The see-sawing behavior of dark-matter particles might have jolted experiments at the LHC

Female flies have soft spots for male genitalia

The reproductive tracts of female fruit flies have evolved to minimize damage caused by mating

Star-crossed models of white matter disease

Neural support cells implicated in childhood diseases of the brain’s fatty high-speed transmission lines



Mind over machine

Chronic stroke sufferers boost the brain’s ability to heal itself through brain–machine interfaces

Western roots in Japanese manga

Delving into Japanese subcultures reveals surprising literary links with works of Western literature

Preserving more than words

A vast collection of rare books at Keio University is attracting worldwide interest through a new online course



A prize for science visionaries

The Keio Medical Science Prize recognizes scientific developments that have led to paradigm shifts in medical and life sciences

A global research hub

Keio University Global Research Institute launches an international mission to help society through interdisciplinary research



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