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28 November 2017


Research highlights

Ancient antiviral response could help treat cancer

A class of drugs can harness the power of the body’s immune system to fight diverse tumors

Digital 3D-fabrication technology for nursing and healthcare

Innovative 3D-printed ‘caring-tools’ to enhance the quality of life of elderly people

Tarantula toxin reveals channel function

Revelation of how a spider toxin binds to a membrane protein could lead to new drug therapies

Shaking up cell culture

Mechanical vibrations offer a gentler way to detach cells from culture dishes

Drug helps blood vessels but leaves lurking cancer cells

Drug cuts the supply lines to brain tumors but doesn’t eliminate cancer stem cells, which could explain resistance to the drug

Chromosomal chaos gives cancer a survival advantage

Cancer cells adapt to genomic abnormalities by producing a protein that confers drug resistance



Health economics offers unique insights into modern Japanese society

Fusing expertise in medicine and health economics sheds new light on healthcare and gambling in Japan

Robotic arms with a human-like sense of touch

Birth of innovative touch sensitive avatar robotic arm based on real-haptics

Future tech will read everything in your eyes

Researchers are creating smart eyewear that will measure your reading habits and will even tell you how much you understood



A prize for science visionaries

The Keio Medical Science Prize recognizes scientific developments that have led to paradigm shifts in medical and life sciences

A global research hub

Keio University Global Research Institute launches an international mission to help society through interdisciplinary research



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