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Cell therapy stacks up

A fiber mat that releases a growth factor enhances the survival of heart muscle tissue transplanted in rats

A chance to slow neurodegeneration

Drugs targeting a protein with a key role in neurodegeneration may slow the advance of the neurological disorder ALS

Desperately seeking status: Sociology of organization

Researchers uncover patterns in the decisions of security analysts revealing status-seeking behavior.

Faulty transporter protein could underpin delayed labor

A protein in the placental lining helps synthesize a fetal hormone that signals to pregnant mothers to begin contractions

Using iron to accelerate organic synthesis

A catalyst made from Earth-abundant iron can drive an important reaction for making organic compounds

Tardigrade genomes explain life on the extremes

DNA analysis shows how water bears survive extreme conditions, yet leaves evolutionary origin unclear



Designer layered materials put a colorful twist on sensing

Layers of color-changing plastic can be tuned by hosting organic or metallic ‘guests’, enabling easy-to-read measurements of heat and friction

Solving the bucket challenge for remote-controlled excavators

Improving simulations of unmanned construction equipment can reduce risks for workers in challenging environments

Diamond — the industrial scientist’s best friend

From sensitive sensors to carbon dioxide recycling, diamond with a smattering of boron atoms has a diverse range of applications



A prize for science visionaries

The Keio Medical Science Prize recognizes scientific developments that have led to paradigm shifts in medical and life sciences

A global research hub

Keio University Global Research Institute launches an international mission to help society through interdisciplinary research



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