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Keio Research Highlights: The world of cultural anthropology

December 22, 2021



The world of cultural anthropology

Analytical field work on the movements and behavior of pastoral peoples in East Africa shows strong survival-traits of resilience, adaptability, and diversity.
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Keio University Hosts the "Experience Japan Exhibition 2021 Online"

Immune System Found to Regulate Cholesterol to Resolve Inflammation-Research opens new doors for treating inflammatory diseases-

Team Rejuvenates Exhausted T Cells to Successfully Produce T Cells with Strong Anti-tumor Effects: Development of a Novel CAR-T Cell Therapy for Cancer Immunotherapy

A Conversation Between the 26th Keio Medical Science Prize Awardees and President Itoh

63rd Mita Festival Held

Notes from the President's Office November 17, 2021

Scenes of Fall on Campus

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A metal ion as a tiny but precious partner of proteins for maintaining good health

Keio University offers online courses in English? This is an online course is on Japanese Culture Through Rare Books. Follow this link for details.

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Demystifying the fatty-world of lipids

Professor Makoto Arita Division of Physiological Chemistry and Metabolism, Faculty of Pharmacy

Professor Arita was recently selected as the research director of ERATO, a large-scale research project under Japan Science and Technology Agency, and will lead the Lipidome Atlas project. ERATO's research director is only chosen from researchers with global-level profiles, and it is a great source of pride that the organization's headquarters will now be established at Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus's Faculty of Pharmacy in Keio University.

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