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Keio Research Highlights: Emotional awareness; Owning multiple bodies at the same time

September 29, 2021



Emotional awareness: Brainy insights into emotion recognition

"My interest in psychology started during my high school days," says Yuri Terasawa, an associate professor at the Department of Psychology,
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Owning multiple bodies at the same time

Virtual-reality ball-catching experiments reveal the human brain's capability of simultaneously operating multiple synchronized bodies
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Keio news

Announcement of The Keio Medical Science Prize 2021

Highest Number of Successful Candidates among Law Schools for Final Results of the National Bar Examination

Joint Research to Assess the Comfort and Protective Effects of a Mask That Combines High Breathability with a Robust Suppression of Oral Droplets ―Demonstration Tests to Be Conducted at Kashima Stadium-

Antidote against Cyanide Poisoning Developed from Artificial Red Blood Cells -Efficacy in the Treatment of Cyanide Poisoning with Both Fast-Acting and Versatile Antidote-

Keio University Athletic Association English Site Now Open

Hiroki Muto, of the Japan Men's Team in the Archery Event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Pays a Courtesy Visit to President Itoh

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Finding where mind, brain, and body meet

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Artificial Intelligence in Sports Science
AI technology is increasingly being used in sports to analyze and improve the performance of athletes and teams. In particular, video analysis is proving to be an effective method for evaluating the performance of players and developing team tactics.

Yoshimitsu Aoki ― Professor
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology

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