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Keio Research Highlights: Reproductive strategy: Adapt or go extinct!; Bubbles as Cleaning Agents

September 26, 2019



Reproductive strategy: Adapt or go extinct!

A novel branch of science
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Bubbles as Cleaning Agents

The dynamics of bubbles controls their cleaning potential
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Keio news

Announcement of the 24th Keio Medical Science Prize

Highest Number of Successful Candidates among Law Schools for Final Results of National Bar Examination

Users Around the World Can Now Enjoy Keio University Media Center's Ukiyo-e Collection on Google Arts & Culture

Myopia on the Rise Among Elementary and Junior High School Students―Myopia Found in 80% of Elementary and, 95% of Junior High School Students in Tokyo―

British Olympic Association (BOA) and British Paralympic Association (BPA) Visit Shinanomahi Campus

President Haseyama Visits the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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