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Keio Research Highlights: Innovative polymer-based cancer drug delivery system; New optical waveguides for handling cloud-computing data traffic

December 26, 2018



Innovative polymer-based cancer drug delivery system

Modifying temperature and pH enhances drug delivery for cancer therapy
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New type of optical waveguide for handling cloud-computing data traffic

Researchers report a simple fabrication method for polymer-based single-mode optical waveguide
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Keio news

Lectures on Supportive care for cancer survivors focusing on geriatric care will be held on February 2, 2019.
(Room 405, 4th Floor, Koyosha, Keio University Shinanomachi Campus)

Study in Japan Fair "Experience Japan Exhibition" Held in London, UK

The Keio Summer Program, a 2-month credit-bearing study program at Keio University held in June and July, will start accepting applications for 2019 from February 1.

The 7th International Cybersecurity Symposium, "Cybersecurity ― Are we ready for Tokyo 2020 Olympics?: towards an environment of trust"

Keio University Research Related Data 2017 Released

Keio President Haseyama Visits King's College London

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Research Frontiers: "iPS cell technology to elucidate mechanisms of longevity and related diseases"

The research activities of professor Hideyuki Okano's group.

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Keio conducts over 800 classes in English and offers an increasing number of English-based degree programs. This not only makes the university more accessible to students from abroad, it also fosters an atmosphere of global awareness and sensitivity among Japanese students.

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