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Keio Research Highlights: Why muscle injuries can cause kidney failure; Can gut bacteria protect infants against infection?

November 29, 2018


Can gut bacteria protect infants against infection?

Healthy bacteria in the gut of infants are a vital defence against gastro-intestinal infections Read more

Understanding kidney failure caused by complications of muscle injuries

A study on mice and humans unlocks new insight in the molecular mechanism behind rhabdomyolysis-induced acute kidney injury. Read more

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Saving Aso: Food & Energy for the Future

Keio University and IBM jointly hold "Innovation and Technology: A Look at the Future"

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Research Frontiers: "Early English Printed Books and Copy-Specific Features of English Incunabula"

Satoko Tokunaga, Faculty of Letters, Keio University.

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The Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD) was established 10 years ago.
The KMD FORUM 2018 was held to 2-3 November 2018 to mark the 10 anniversary.

Lively discussion at the Kyoseikan Collaboration Complex during the KMD FORUM 2018.

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