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Keio Research Highlights: Costs of changing quality of products; Regenerative therapy for treating hereditary hearing loss

September 28, 2018


How costs related to changing the quality of products impact firms

The costs firms incur when changing the quality of their products can determine how they fare with respect to competitors Read more


Regenerative medicine and artificial intelligence

Advances in iPS cells based therapy for treatment of hereditary hearing loss Read more

Keio news

Announcement of The Keio Medical Science Prize 2018

Keio University's Toshiharu Ikaga discusses "zero-energy homes"

President Haseyama Delivers a Welcome Address at the Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Held at Peking University

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Naoaki Yamanaka, Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, desribes his research on 5G network technology referred to as "smart and connected community".
Professor Naoaki Yamanaka (left) and collegaues in standing next to an autonomous automobile used for their research.

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Keio graduate students solve 2,000 year mathematical problem

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