Keio Research Highlights

Research highlights

Beauty is in the prefrontal cortex of the beholder

Noninvasive electrical brain stimulation can alter our appreciation of art

Catching up with the influenza virus

New diagnostic tests could quickly reveal a flu infection in its early stages

Building a colorectal cancer library

Biobank of colorectal cancer ‘organoids’ reveals cancer’s secrets

Dimming the lights on cancer cells

Fluorescent probes selectively taken up by tumorous tissue could be used for early disease detection

A bit of chaos benefits light-driven devices

Random features in nanoscale photonic cavities can help miniaturize devices that control optical data

Chain-walking chemistry installs new carbon bonds

Wandering catalyst activates carbon atoms to form carbon–carbon bonds



Preserving more than words

A vast collection of rare books at Keio University is attracting worldwide interest through a new online course

Measuring the tremors of an earthquake-savvy public

Understanding how people perceive risk during natural disasters could save lives

Motion sensors for sporting excellence

Lightweight smartphone sensors and Newton’s laws of motion can help athletes maximize their performance



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