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Keio Research Highlights: Mitigating the harm of black markets in online first-come, first-served systems, Innovative wearable biomarkers for monitoring psychiatric diseases

August 27, 2021



Mitigating the harm of black markets in online first-come, first-served systems

Proposal for new "lottery batch system" for booking COVID-19 vaccine appointments
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Innovative wearable biomarkers for monitoring psychiatric diseases

Taishiro Kishimoto is the head of Mori Building Co., Ltd. and Keio University's Hills Joint Research Laboratory for Future Preventive Medicine and Wellness,
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Keio news

Whole Genome Sequencing Finds Therapeutic Targets for Linitis Plastica-type Gastric Cancer -Prospects towards developing treatments for intractable cancer-

Hiroki Muto Secures Bronze for Japan in the Men's Team Archery Event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Keio University's Portal Site for its Cultural Collections, Keio Object Hub, Connects to Japan Search

A Joint Paper on Prediction of Optical Properties of OLED Materials was Published in a Nature Research Journal -The Worlds-First Calculation of the Excited States of OLED Materials on Quantum Computers-

Keio University Faculty of Economics Establishes a New Program "DEEP"
-Developing Human Resources That Can Lead Japan's DX Through Economics + Data Science-

Future Learn: Invitation to Ex-Noguchi Room: Preservation and Utilization of Cultural Properties in Universities

KMD Forum 2021: "The Near, Interesting Future"

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Cut Off by COVID-19: Medical Students Bring the World Closer at Keio

Regenerating the small intestine

Mammalian systems have sophisticated mechanisms to control symbiosis with bacteria in the gut

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Demystifying the fatty-world of lipids

Professor Makoto Arita
Division of Physiological Chemistry and Metabolism, Faculty of Pharmacy

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