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Keio Research Highlights: Swimming hydrogel microbots get a measure of autonomy

August 31, 2020



Swimming hydrogel microbots get a measure of autonomy

"One of the most important characteristics of evolution has been motility," explain Koki Yoshida and Hiroaki Onoe as they describe the driving force behind some of their latest research. Read more

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Joint Development and Empirical Research of a Blockchain Platform to Securely Transmit and Record Students' Personal Data by FinTEK and IGS at Keio University Joined and Supported by the Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, SOMPO Holdings, and Sumitomo Life

Prof. Atsushi Nakajima of the Faculty of Science and Technology Awarded the Humboldt Research Award

Japan and the World in the Era of COVID-19: Considering whether the new paradigm is a crisis or an opportunity

Announcement of Results for the Wave One Survey in Japan of an International Survey on Values during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the "Values in a Crisis Survey"

Research on Telework and the Actual Conditions of Workers Under the Spread of COVID-19

SHOW-CASE project No. 4 Tatsuo Kawaguchi Gaze Breathing via Branchial Respiration

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School of Medicine, Keio University/ Deputy Director, KGRI

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