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Keio Research Highlights: Suppressing non-cancerous tumors in the body; Visionary solution to short sightedness

July 30, 2019



Suppressing non-cancerous tumors in the body

An anti-allergy drug shows promise in fighting tumors growing in the nervous system due to a rare genetic condition
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Visionary solution to short sightedness

Exposure to violet light prevents the progression of myopia
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Keio news

State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management Gives Lecture and Participates in Panel Discussion

"The Frontline of Cross-discipline AI Use in the Humanities and Sciences" Commemorative Event Held

Keio University (Keio Global Research Institute: KGRI) Concludes an Agreement with Grenoble Alps University to Promote Joint Research

University Museums as Cultural Commons ― Tokyo Seminar

Team GB Begins July 2019 Training Camp at Hiyoshi Campus

Staff Exchange from King's College London

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