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Keio Research Highlights: Applied econometrics; Tumor mechanisms to optimize anticancer drug delivery strategies

October 30, 2018


Measuring oxygen deficiency and blood vessel permeability in tumors

Researchers develop a method for simultaneously mapping oxygen level and spatially uneven vessel permeability in tumor tissue Read more


Applied Econometrics

Empirical analysis of social interactions and knowledge spillover in which the 'invisible hand' does not work Read more

Keio news

Beijing Foreign Studies University hosts lectures by Keio Faculty and signs a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Keio University

Members of the British Paralympic Association visit Hiyoshi Campus to inspect facilities

Great Britain Rowing team train with members of the Keio University Rowing team

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September 2018 Welcome Address by Professor Akira Haseyama, President, Keio University
Professor Akira Haseyama, President, Keio University

Did you know?

Press release : Unique Pair of Triangles

Yoshinosuke Hirakawa and Hideki Matsumura, graduate students of the Keio Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences (KiPAS) at the Keio University Graduate School of Science and Technology, have proven a new theorem that states there is only one pair of an isosceles triangle and a right triangle for which the lengths of all its sides are integers and which have the same perimeter and the same area.

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