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May 31, 2018

Research Highlights

A chance to slow neurodegeneration

A molecular pathway that becomes active in vulnerable subpopulations of neurons in people with the debilitating neurological disease... Read more


Solving the bucket challenge for remote-controlled excavators

The tsunami that struck the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011 caused radioactive cesium to leak into... Read more

Keio news

Biological anthropology: Study of skulls suggests that humans' superior social and planning skills may have given them an evolutionary advantage over Neanderthals

Biomedicine: Keio and Fujifilm researchers have developed imaging technology that promises automated diagnosis of tumor malignancy and drug resistance

Medicine: Clinical tests are underway to evaluate a drug for treating a genetic hearing impairment, which was found using stem cells

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Understanding what statistics are really telling us

The importance of protecting intellectual property

Did you know?

The portrait of Keio University founder Yukichi Fukuzawa has been continuously featured on the Japanese 10,000 yen note since 1984, whereas the portraits on other banknotes have changed

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