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August 31, 2017

Research highlights

Drug helps blood vessels but leaves lurking cancer cells

When given to patients newly diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer, the drug bevacizumab reduces the density of blood vessels in tumors but... Read more

Chromosomal chaos gives cancer a survival advantage

Resistance is a vexing problem in the world of cancer therapy, with many patients either failing to respond or... Read more


Keio news

Comparative genomics: How tardigrades can live in extreme environments

Quantum computing: Silicon isotopes promising for realizing revolutionary quantum computers

Biochemistry: Mechanism uncovered by which metal ions breathe life into proteins [PDF]

Ergonomics: A new bench induces a sense of happiness


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A scientifically designed gym promises to enhance the efficiency of sports training

A free online course on Chinese-Japanese relations viewed through rare books is underway but still open to new learners

Did you know?

A Keio alumnus won the first Olympic medal by a Japanese athlete after World War 2

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