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July 28, 2016

Research highlights

A bit of chaos benefits light-driven devices

Researchers usually try to avoid structural flaws when constructing photonic devices that manipulate, amplify, and switch signals from light... Read more

Dimming the lights on cancer cells

A stimuli-responsive fluorescent polymer could become a useful diagnostic tool for identifying diseased cells... Read more


Keio news

Japan's post-war constitution: Keio-Harvard workshop on the intricacies of constitutional politics, past, and present

Upcoming event: Joint Symposium on Regenerative Medicine and Longevity to be held on August 20, 2016

TEDx Keio High School: Students share their best ideas on diversity, forestry, and information technology

Global medicine: "Internationalization is no longer an option. It is a must," says ophthalmologist Kazuo Tsubota


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Download Jitsugaku, Issue 2, to find the true meaning of the phrase jitsugaku, and learn how to mend broken hearts, net carbon out of natural gas, or even measure athletic performance

From our YouTube channel

Quantum machine learning

MIT professor Seth Lloyd presents the case for automatic pattern recognition using small-scale quantum computers

Foreign languages

Ikumi Waragai advocates an interdisciplinary, student-focused approach to learning new languages

Did you know?

Keio University and Fuji Xerox have built the first 3D printer that can duplicate the external and internal structures, colors, and materials of any object

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