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April 24, 2018

Research Highlights

Desperately seeking status: Sociology of organization

Many professions involve decision making. But are professionals' decisions always based on independent analysis, or are social... Read more


Diamond -- the industrial scientist's best friend

There is more to diamond than its sparkle. The material's exceptional hardness and thermal conductivity have seen it... Read more

Keio news

Astrophysics: Evidence points to a massive explosion in a molecular cloud at the center of our galaxy

Cybertronics: Distinguished computer-science leader, David Farber, to co-lead new Keio research center

Phonetics: Exploring the mechanisms behind speaking and hearing

Project finance: Keio alumna Teiko Kudo talks about her path to becoming the first female executive officer of one of Japan's biggest banks

Cybersecurity: International symposium on cybersecurity held at Keio

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Using new technologies to realize community-based solutions

Investigating the fascinating world of numbers

Did you know?

Keio has entered the top ten universities in Japan in this year's Times Higher Education rankings

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