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September 29, 2017

Research highlights

Tarantula toxin reveals channel function

A structural analysis of how a toxin from tarantula venom disrupts electrical signaling proteins could help pave the way for new drugs to... Read more

Shaking up cell culture

A gentler method for removing cultured cells from their dishes that enables harvesting of stronger and healthier cells has... Read more


Keio news

Astronomy: Black hole that is 100,000 more massive than the Sun discovered in Milky Way

Medicine: Awardees of 2017 Keio Medical Science Prize announced

World's first successful transmission of ultrahigh-definition (4K) videos through a newly defined wavelength band named T-band

Media design: Metalimbs wins award at emerging-technologies event


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Keio engineers are devising new devices based on organic thin films and ones for making hydrogen

What's involved in making laws to govern outer space

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Keio conducts over 800 classes in English

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