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June 29, 2017

Research highlights

Molecular jostling affects diffusion at cell membranes

Molecular dynamics simulations have revealed that the diffusion of key biomolecules at cell membranes changes dramatically over short time scales... Read more


Future tech will read everything in your eyes

For the foreseeable future, making cutting-edge wearable tech will be about analyzing eye gaze and the muscles around your eyes... Read more


Keio news

Aging society: There is an urgent need to adjust social systems and expectations to today's longer life expectancies, argues Keio economics professor Kohei Komamura

Robotics: Keio researchers are producing a device that literally gives users an extra pair of hands

Mathematics: Pure mathematician Takeshi Katsura talks about how he entered the world of math

Neurobiology: Keio School of Medicine researchers clarify the role of the glycoprotein Reelin in the brain


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Keio students introduce their sociology research projects

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Professor Richard Baldwin gives a broad view of globalization

Did you know?

Keio's logo of two pen nibs stems back to 1885 when students wore the emblem on their caps to distinguish themselves from overseas students

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