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May 25, 2017

Research highlights

How 7-month-olds make sense of adult babble

To newborns, adult speech sounds like a constant stream of babble. But at some point, babies begin to recognize... Read more



Space technology for a world of problems

Space once seemed among the least-practical realms, but it can be used to solve real-world problems for everyday people...Read more


Keio news

Economics: Keio University conferred Neil Wallace with an honorary degree in recognition of his contributions to macroeconomics

Medicine: Symposium to celebrate 100th anniversary of Keio Medicine included talk by Nobel laureate Dr. Shinya Yamanaka

Athletics: The Keio University Athletic Association celebrated its 125th anniversary at a special commemorative ceremony on Keio Foundation Day

Economics: President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Dr. James Bullard, will give a special presentation on the US economy and monetary policy on 26 May


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Keio libraries contain almost 5 million volumes, making them one of the largest collections of books in Japan

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