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January 27, 2017


A prize for science visionaries

The Keio Medical Science Prize recognizes scientific developments that have led to paradigm shifts in the medical and life sciences... Read more

A global research hub

The Keio University Global Research Institute is addressing the challenges facing Japan and the rest of the world in an era of transformation... Read more


Keio news

New year's greetings: President Atsushi Seike welcomes 2017, a year of many important milestones and anniversaries

Longevity: Pharmaceutical company Eisai and Keio University join hands to develop new drugs against dementia

Research on display: Three events in November 2016 showcased Keio's research and educational achievements

Innovation leader: Keio receives award for being named in Reuters top ten most innovative universities in Asia


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Debugging Linux

Making software systems more reliable

Military alliances

Assessing global security policies

Treating cancer

Taking research from bench to bedside

Did you know?

Students at Keio run 478 athletics and recreation clubs, from aviation to magic, manga, and the tricky Japanese card game karuta

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