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March 17, 2016

Research highlights

T cells launch targeted attack on tumors

A newly identified protein fragment expressed in leukemia cells points to a target for developing novel immunotherapies to combat the deadly blood cancer... Read more

Sticky bacteria switch on immune cells

Intestinal immune cells are spurred to action by the attachment of pathogenic bacteria to the gut lining... Read more


Keio news

Clearing the brain: Recipient of the 2014 Keio Medical Science Prize, Karl Deisseroth, discusses his pioneering work into lighting up neural circuits and engineering transparent brains

Literary mysteries: Toru Ishikawa studies the handwriting in Edo-period picture books and scrolls to establish their provenance

Peeping mouse: A Keio study finds that male mice like to watch sex videos

Partners in crime: Keio and Hitachi initiate joint research on super-safe and super-smart societies on the day of the International Cybersecurity Symposium at Keio


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Advanced metabolome analysis

Delicious rice, spider silk and saliva-based cancer detection at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences

Global innovation

Kaz Asakawa at Keio Business School reveals the recipe for success in managing innovation

Did you know?

Keio University researchers have discovered a bacteria that eats plastic

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