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February 25, 2016

Research highlights

Locating people using radio waves

Keio researchers have devised a way to accurately locate an individual's position using only a remote antenna by exploiting the way that the human body interacts with radio signals... Read more

A gentler approach to remote control

Remotely controlled devices offer a safe way to perform hazardous tasks, such as bomb disposal or activities in radioactive areas... Read more


Keio news

Time travel: Toru Yamaguchi is bringing forgotten memories of Keio University back to life with a new smartphone app

Call for nominations: The Keio Medical Science Prize 2016 welcomes nominations for outstanding researchers in medicine and the life sciences

Highly cited: Kenya Honda and Masaru Tomita rank among the world's most influential scientific minds according to Thomson Reuters

Xenophobia and the New Middle Class: Historian and sociologist Emmanuel Todd spoke to a packed lecture hall on religion, family and politics in France


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Open Research Forum

The Shonan Fujisawa Campus celebrated its 25th anniversary with a public showcase of research representing the seeds of the next century

The social web of things

Keio's Graduate School of Media Design and Ericsson are building a world where things behave like living beings

Did you know?

Team Great Britain will use Keio University's sports facilities to train for the Tokyo Olympics 2020

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