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January 21, 2016

Research highlights

Icy cages hold a clean energy secret

Unconventional sources of natural gas, such as so-called 'flammable ice' reserves located in the Sea of Japan, may soon find wider use thanks to carbon capture technology... Read more



Motion sensors for sporting excellence

As a young man, Yuji Ohgi spent several hours a day in the swimming pool perfecting his stroke. These countless hours of practice paid off...Read more


Keio news

New Year's resolve: President Atsushi Seike renews Keio's commitments to society and learning

Good accounting: Eri Yokota develops systems and structures for managing large organizations

Quantum spin physics: Kazuya Ando is theoretically unraveling spin current for next-generation electronic devices

High achievers: Keio tops list of successful test takers of the Certified Public Accountant Examination for 41 consecutive years


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Augmented reality

Maki Sugimoto brings together the real and the virtual to create new forms of interaction between people and their environments

The Shogunate and the Shinkansen

Philip Seaton and Christopher Hood discuss Japan's modern history at Experience Japan Exhibition 2015

Did you know?

Of the 48 copies of the Gutenberg 42-line Bible known to exist in the world, the only copy in Asia is held in the Keio University Library collection

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