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A taste of the important research and scientific developments from Keio University, Japan's oldest institute of higher education.

December 17, 2015

Research highlights

Mending broken hearts

Keio researchers have found a direct and efficient way to convert mature cells from one type to another... Read more

The price of a personal touch for lung cancer therapy

Personalized treatments can help lung cancer patients live longer at a marginal expense to the Japanese healthcare system... Read more


Keio news

Beats & Stroke: A mobile app for detecting heart disease early

Diplomatic ties: Keio signs an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme

Award ceremony: The 20th Keio Medical Science Prize presented to Jeffrey Gordon and Yoshinori Ohsumi

Confusion and chaos: Studying funbrellas, Twitter and television at Katsuhiko Ogawa's research lab


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From our YouTube channel

Movement in the brain

Junichi Ushiyama studies how the nervous system controls bodily movement to promote science-based medicine

Education and enlightenment

Keio University founder, Yukichi Fukuzawa's lifelong fight

Did you know?

More than five million printed materials are held in Keio University's six libraries

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