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September 10, 2015

Research highlights

Emphasizing words with a bit of a stretch

Japanese speakers adjust the length of consonants to convey the strength of their conviction about a subject... Read more



Anti-inflammatory interactions in the intestines

The past 100 million years of evolution have developed a complex relationship between bacteria and the human gut...Read more


Keio news

Alumni Voices: Interview with Momoyo Ise, veteran of the United Nations

Keio Views: Ten minutes of exercise at the Graduate School of Health Management

Economic Impact: Keio ranks 14th in the world for most alumni in executive leadership positions



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From our YouTube channel

Speaking for the women of Japan

Keio University founder, Yukichi Fukuzawa, was a strong proponent of equality between women and men

S-face-style urban design

Hiroto Kobayashi is engaging people in the process of creating personal, communal, and urban spaces

Did you know?

Keio University officially admitted female students in 1946, offering co-education earlier than many prestigious universities in America and the United Kingdom

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