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January 31, 2018

Research Highlights

Tardigrade genomes explain life on the extremes

Tiny water-dwelling creatures known as tardigrades can survive for years in the face of extreme temperatures, radiation exposure, desiccation, and even the vacuum of space... Read more


Tracing the origins of the Japanese with 3D technology

Unbeknownst to the many tourists who flock to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, the island harbors an archaeological site where the story of Japan's first people is being gradually revealed... Read more

Keio news

Medicine: Professors John Dick and Seiji Ogawa were awarded the 22nd Keio Medical Science Prize for their work on cancer stem cells and magnetic resonance imaging, respectively

Quantum computing: Keio was picked to be Japan's sole collaborator for IBM's Q Network Hub, which will explore commercial applications of quantum computing

Longevity: Keio researchers are conducting a survey of centenarians to discover the secrets to a long life

Neuropsychiatry: Keio researchers have found evidence that eating fish regularly can protect against depression


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Exploring the science of bubbles experimentally and theoretically

Understanding the human brain could help realize science-fiction-like techology

Did you know?

Each January 10th, Keio University holds a special event to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of its founder Yukichi Fukuzawa. This year was the 183rd anniversary.

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