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April 27, 2017

Research highlights

The best drop for lean beans

Can't begin the day without a coffee? A morning brew might have broader benefits than just an energizing jolt... Read more

Taking the temperature of the tiniest things

The temperature of tiny structures, thousands of times smaller than a grain of sand, can now be measured accurately... Read more


Keio news

Meet Keio University's next president: Professor Akira Haseyama

A royal occasion: Queen Letizia of Spain visits Keio University

Animated antics: Finland's official mascot to life brought to life by Keio PhD student Kenji Itoso

Register now: Explore Japanese subcultures, from cosplay to J-pop, in this free online course


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The power of knowledge

Understanding the global economy will lead to better decision-making

100 years of Keio University School of Medicine

Check out our video celebrating a century of research and innovation

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