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February 23, 2017

Research highlights

Making light of a dark matter

Dark matter could be made of heavy and light subatomic particles... Read more

Sealing the deal on leak-proof cells

Skin cells are held together by their unusual 14-sided geometry... Read more


Keio news

Call for nominations: The Keio Medical Science Prize welcomes nominations of outstanding researchers in the medical and life sciences

Davos talks: President Atsushi Seike called on universities at the World Economic Forum to prepare students for a fast-changing world

Black holes: Keio researchers catch the tail end of a black hole wandering through cosmic clouds in the Milky Way

Cybersecurity symposium: Learn how governments, industries, and academics will make the virtual world more secure


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Energy design

Finding creative ways to solve global energy problems

Supermassive black holes

Searching for dark objects at the center of galaxies

Did you know?

Exposure to violet light could prevent short-sightedness, a group of ophthalmologists at Keio University has found

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