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November 24, 2016

Research highlights

Female flies have soft spots for male genitalia

Pity the poor female fruit fly. When she mates, the male inflicts what are known as copulatory wounds in her reproductive tract... Read more

Star-crossed models of white matter disease

Japanese researchers have gained new insights into childhood brain diseases by manipulating gene expression in laboratory mice... Read more


Keio news

Science frontiers: Global research-intensive universities call for long-term investment in cutting-edge science

Securing cyberspace: Keio University launches an international center of excellence to fight cyber-threats across borders

Join the discussion: Keio and its global research partners will set the agenda for joint initiatives in longevity, security, and creativity on 2 December

Pitching time: Bring your best business ideas to a line-up of eager investors at IE KMD Venture Day in Tokyo on 26 November


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From our YouTube channel

High-speed travel

Keio students are building hyperfast hover-pods

Landscape literacy

Hajime Ishikawa reconstructs ideas about place

Did you know?

Keio architect Hajime Narukawa received the 2016 Good Design Award grand prize for creating the most accurate map of the world

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