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September 29, 2016

Research highlights

Beauty is in the prefrontal cortex of the beholder

Electrically stimulating certain pleasure-sensing regions of the brain can change a person's subjective experience of beauty... Read more


Keio news

Life-science laureates: Evolutionary geneticist Svante Pääbo and immunologist Tasuku Honjo receive The Keio Medical Science Prize 2016

Regional network: Academia, industry, and government representatives discussed the future of the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific

Legal win: More law graduates have passed the national bar exams from Keio University than from any other university in Japan

New Kyurizukai issue 22: Ken-ichi Tanaka uses mathematics to determine the best location and operating hours of commercial facilities


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Cultural anthropology

Toru Sagawa studies fighting and reconciliation among pastoral communities in Ethiopia

Nanocarbon connection

Yuji Awano's laboratory is building integrated circuits made entirely out of carbon

Did you know?

Keio is the tenth most innovative university in Asia, according to Thomson Reuters' 2016 rankings

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