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August 25, 2016

Research highlights

Catching up with the influenza virus

Two new detection methods for the flu virus could help prevent the next global pandemic... Read more

Building a colorectal cancer library

Three-dimensional cancer cells reveal how benign tumors transform into metastatic cancer... Read more


Keio news

Inflammation: Keio research could lead to a new line of anti-inflammatory drugs

Smart cities: Missed the Symposium on Smart Connected Cities? Catch up online

International law: Keio launches a new master's program in global legal practice

Here, there, everywhere: Graduate student Mhd Yamen Saraiji wins prize for telepresence system


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From our YouTube channel

Embryonic development

Hiroki Kuroda studies how complex organisms are created from simple, spherical eggs

Japanese subcultures 101

Explore the worlds of manga, J-pop, and cosplay in this free online course on FutureLearn

Did you know?

The Japanese men's 4x100 meter relay team, led by Keio alumnus Ryota Yamagata, raced to silver at the Rio Olympic Games, just 0.33 seconds behind the Jamaicans

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