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June 23, 2016

Research highlights

Chain-walking chemistry installs new carbon bonds

Inspired by a reaction that has become a mainstay of polymer synthesis, Keio University researchers have discovered a novel way to construct small organic molecules... Read more



Preserving more than words

Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with ancient scrolls, original manuscripts and rare artworks, Takahiro Sasaki reflects on his career...Read more


Keio news

Literary travels: Anna Ogino narrates her way from sixteenth-century French literature to Japanese rakugo-style comical storytelling

Sense of space: Hideyuki Tokuda describes how advanced sensing technologies are being embedded into intelligent infrastructure

Music through the years: Rehearsing and performing with a century-old orchestra

Keio medicine: Grooming physician scientists through fundamental research and clinical medicine


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Enlightenment thinker

Masamichi Ogawara examines the political discourse of Keio University founder Yukichi Fukuzawa

Copycat alert

Takuya Satomura assesses the vulnerability of brands to deceptive imitation

Did you know?

115 Olympians and Paralympians call Keio University their alma mater

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