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May 26, 2016

Research highlights

Beaks of canny crows adapted to tool use

The unusual beak shape of the New Caledonian crow is an adaptation to the smart bird's use of tools... Read more

Measuring the tremors of an earthquake-savvy public

Everyone in Japan knows what to do when the Earth begins to shake... Read more


Keio news

MOOC on Japanese culture: Take a guided tour of Keio University's collection of rare and ancient books with Takahiro Sasaki

June conference: Elsevier and Keio University to host a regional conference on maximizing research impact and collaboration

Memorial lecture: Shinya Sugiyama introduces the "King" and "Demon" of Japan's electric power industry in the early 20th century

International law: Symposium organized by Keio University Law School reviews global trends in dispute resolution


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Hiroaki Onoe manipulates materials into artificial muscles, shape-changing systems, and soft, bendable robots

Korean diplomacy

Junya Nishino gives his undivided attention to North and South Korean politics

Did you know?

Keio alumna and cardiovascular surgeon, Chiaki Mukai, was the first Japanese woman in space

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