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November 26, 2015

Research highlights

The secret to successful aging

A large study of the elderly in Japan has found that having low levels of inflammation in the body is the most important predictor of a long and healthy life... Read more


Keio news

Disseminating research: Public launch of Keio's new 'Pure' web portal

Keio Techno-Mall 2015: Shop for ideas, from wireless, battery-less portable devices to ultrasonic cleaning

Safer society: Radio-wave-based sensors to monitor and protect the elderly

Filtering information: Masahiro Yukawa applies mathematics to noise-free signal processing


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From our YouTube channel

Community health empowerment

Miki Akiyama connects people with the information and community resources they need to make informed decisions about their health

Dynamic cellular behavior

Hitomi Sano uses computer simulations to elucidate the mysteries of life

Did you know?

Keio University Hospital treats an average 3,000 outpatients and 800 inpatients a day, and performs 14,000 surgeries a year

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