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August 6, 2015

Research highlights

Fine-tuning the brain's circuitry

A mechanism that controls the formation and elimination of neuronal connections in the brain's motor center, the cerebellum, has been discovered ... Read more



Finding where mind, brain, and body meet

Satoshi Umeda loves music. In his youth, he learned to play the piano, trumpet, and double bass ... Read more


Keio news

S-face: Applying statistics to diverse fields, including sports analytics

Keio in Depth: Creating a safer society - from a legal perspective

On Business: Keio Founder Yukichi Fukuzawa's views on capitalism


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Kazuo Ishiguro Talks

Novelist Kazuo Ishiguro speaks about his latest work The Buried Giant at an event commemorating 125 years since the founding of Keio University's Faculty of Letters

KiPAS Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Group

Studying geometric objects called polylogs to solve important conjectures in arithmetic geometry

Did you know?

Einstein gave a lecture on special theory and relativity at Keio University a week after being awarded the Nobel prize

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